Why A Quality School Readiness Program Is Important

For any child, starting formal schooling is a significant milestone. It can be scary and exciting, however, having the best possible foundation will help make the transition more comfortable. A quality school readiness program ensures parents and children have a positive start to their school journey.

We provide a warm, welcoming and nurturing learning environment that supports this transition into school life. Our classrooms are balanced with various activities, offering the highest standard of early learning curriculum at a friendly and safe centre.

Below, we further explain the importance of providing children and families with quality preparation for the school years ahead.

Benefits For Children

Our early learning campus focuses on providing children with a curriculum that supports and harnesses their unique interests and needs. We aim to teach every child essential life skills to prepare them for life after preschool. These skills mould them into active, confident and positive members of their classroom and society.

We think about their futures and how positive influence and teachings will lead them to live successful and fulfilling lives. Core skills we focus on include communication, empathy, independence, perseverance and cooperative interactive skills, to name just a few.

Activities You Can Expect From The Program

The activities we offer span far and wide, each offering benefits in a different area of skill development. Below are just some of the beneficial activities that make up part of the curriculum:

  • Participating in language group activities.
  • Working cooperatively in small groups to play games, complete arts and crafts, or listen to a story.
  • Moving around the classroom and participating in different activities to teach routines and activities in correspondence with instruction and guidance.
  • Learning fine motor skills, such as using various arts and crafts tools and materials.

Support For Parents

Parents are fully engaged and regularly informed throughout the school readiness program. You will receive information on how to support your child entering this phase of their life. You will receive newsletters, written and verbal feedback, and an individual development portfolio regarding your child’s progress throughout the curriculum. Moreover, we provide detailed transition statements for children to take to school with them so that their new teachers understand their progress and developmental stage.

Early learning is a vital phase of all children’s lives, preparing them for the following years. As a parent and for your peace of mind, prioritising the best possible preschool with a reputable formal school readiness program will do wonders for your child’s success, competence and confidence for life and primary school.

Beach Kids Early Learning Centre is the premium early learning centre, providing the highest standard curriculum school readiness program to ensure children are prepared, nurtured, and taught the right skills. So why not pop in and visit? To discover more, get in touch today or visit our website.