What To Expect From A Preschool Readiness Program

As a parent, you know all about being prepared. From before your baby is born, you are preparing for their birth by eating right, planning your hospital and buying baby clothes. As they grow, you continue to prepare for milestones, prepare for bathtime, doctor visits, and nutritious meals. So why not apply this to their education as well? A school readiness program is a great way to prepare your child and yourselves as parents for their future education. In this article, we look at how preschool program as part of quality early childhood education benefits children with their school preparedness and desire for life long learning.

What Does School Readiness Mean?

Once your child has passed all their initial milestones such as walking, talking, and toilet independence, they will begin to display other signs of developmental progress geared more towards social and learning goals. Soon your precious little one will have to make the transition from being at home in a very closed circle to early learning (childcare), preschool and then off to ‘big’ school, where they will have to interact with others. School readiness refers to the ability to cope with these changes.

Why Is It Necessary?

Children who are school-ready will find it easier to grasp new concepts, make friends and emotionally adjust smoothly from being at home to being at school and away from their parents for part of the day. Every child develops at their own pace, but research has shown that those who start behind often stay behind, struggling academically and sometimes even socially. Helping your child to grow to their full potential and acquire certain physical and cognitive skills, whether at home or in a preschool readiness program, will benefit them in the long run and provide peace of mind for you as a parent.

What Are The Signs Of School Readiness?

There is a lot more to school readiness than we realise. First of all, a level of self-control is required, and a child entering preschool should be able to cooperate with early childhood educators/teachers and peers. They should be happy to share and show some level of empathy when interacting with other children. Another sign of readiness is language and the ability to communicate through clearly formed words and a good vocabulary. Children entering a formal school environment also require some confidence and independence, for example, managing their lunch box on their own.

What Can These Programs Offer My Child?

A school readiness program will essentially build on these skills and help nurture your child’s talent and growth towards what is required in a formal school setting. It is, however, a building block, and parents need not worry about meeting targets that are too high or competing with others. These programs are an ideal foundation for early childhood education. Here is what your child will experience in a school readiness program:

  • Self-discipline and following directions: Your child will gain better control over their emotions, behaviour, and attention and learn the importance of rules and how to follow them in a classroom situation.
  • Improved social skills: In these programs, children learn about sharing, taking turns, being friendly, cooperating and reciprocating kind actions from others.
  • Language practice: Your child’s vocabulary will increase vastly, and they will be able to communicate with ease if their learning happens in a safe nurturing environment.
  • Numeracy and literacy: Skills such as identifying letters and phonics and basic problem-solving skills are developed to prepare for reading and maths at the school level.
  • Fine motor skills – There will be plenty of practice with handling small objects such as a pencil.

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