The Great Outdoors & Why Your Children Need To Be Outside

Children are becoming more and more dependent on technology including television and the internet. It easily takes up their time, with them practically glued to their devices. It’s a common problem that almost every parent faces today, with no quick resolution in sight. At Beach Kids Early Learning & Preschool, we understand the concern and we believe we have a simple solution ‒ the great outdoors.

Parents have never been busier than they are today, with so many of us working more hours and even remotely. As a result, there is reduced  time to engage with our children in positive ways when we are free. That is why many early learning (childcare) centres, including ours, have taken an approach of indoor and outdoor stimulation.

Below, we highlight the many benefits to your children’s early learning about their natural environments.

Grows Their Imagination &  Creativity

When put in front of the television or tablet screen, children miss the opportunity to think beyond the entertainment value. When playing outside, they can assess their surroundings and find ways to keep themselves busy. They can make up games, learn more about nature and even express themselves in different ways than they may  indoors.

Hone Their Motor Skills

Being outside allows your child physically to exert themselves in a fun and carefree manner. They start to master their balance, coordination and even become more agile. The space that the outdoors provides children with is advantageous because they can run, walk, climb and even jump without restrictions. 

Better Understanding Of The Environment

Children who  are rarely exposed to their natural surroundings have a difficult time adapting to it when they are in it. There is a greater disregard and underappreciation for plants, insects and small animals. That is why playing outdoors is encouraged, as children can learn from an early age to respect and care for the planet.

At Beach Kids Early Learning & Preschool, we make it a priority to incorporate the outdoors into each day. Each campus uses its surroundings to stimulate your child and fulfil their development, including our new facility in Chinderah/Kingscliff and Cabarita/Bogangar. To learn more about our ethos, teaching approaches and more, contact us today.