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Extra Curricular Programs

Children experience a world of creative engagement through movement, play & physical activities. 


Our in house chef lovingly prepares three  fresh and nutritious meals per day for the children.

Child Portfolios and Transition Statements

Each child has their own portfolio of learning containing photos and work they have completed. 

Preschool and School Readiness Program 

A quality program to give your child the best foundation of early childhood education and prepare them for school.

School Transition Program

Our school transition program aims to ensure that children and their families enjoy their start to school and the many school years ahead. 

National Quality Framework

A Government initiative which sets a National Quality Standard creating greater consistency for early childhood education and care.

Parenting can be one of life’s greatest joys but it can also have its challenges ... ParentTV exists to help you when you need it.

ParentTV is a video streaming website that offers help and advice on those challenges we all face as parents of school aged children.

The content is available to you anytime of the day or night and is by trusted experts including pediatricians, occupational therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, sleep and lactation consultants, nutritionists and many more! Topics that are covered include bullying, friendships, technology, behaviour, mental health and so much more! In fact there are over 400 videos available with more being added each month.

Ask us how to create your ParentTV account!
Prepare your child for a lifetime of learning.

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Our philosophy is founded on the knowledge that successful early childhood development comes from engagement in social, emotional, cognitive, physical and aesthetic experiences. It is this holistic approach that allows children to develop to their full potential.