School Transition Program

Starting formal schooling is an important milestone, however, it can be anxious and exciting for both parent and child. Our school transition program aims to ensure that children and their families enjoy a successful start to school and enjoy the many school years ahead with a love of learning. Our campus provides warm, nurturing and stimulating environments aimed at offering the best possible early learning curriculum, where children can develop to reach their full potential.

Beach Kids Early Learning & Preschool aims to prepare your child for a successful transition to school.

Our School Transition Program includes:

  • Creating independent and confident children
  • Specialised activities preparing them for the transition to school
  • A program that stimulates curiosity about learning and encourages awe and wonders about the world of learning
  • We work in consultation with parents to develop a customised learning program for each child
  • We partner with local schools and hold regular excursions for children to meet teachers and become comfortable with ‘’big school.’’
  • Interactive whiteboard, iPads and latest IT programs
  • Weekly Bush Kinder excursions promoting learning in Nature
  • A NSW Government approved Preschool program delivered by university qualified Early Childhood Teachers
  • Regular excursions to learn in and around the community
  • Specialised extracurricular programs every day, such as MasterChef classes, yoga, dance and music