Proudly Presenting A New Child Care Centre Campus At Chinderah

Early child learning is crucial to a child’s developmental skills.

Learning through play, socialising among other children, and experienced teachers are all essential to cognitive stimulation and ongoing development. At Beach Kids Early Learning, we have succeeded in providing a safe, loving environment for your little being to develop the physical, emotional, social and cognitive skills they need early on in their lives. 

It has worked so well that we are expanding and bringing this environment to a new location ‒ Chinderah/Kingscliff. Therefore, if you are in this area and are seeking a solution for your little one to meet other children in a similar age group in a fun and safe learning environment, why not come and see what we offer? 

Below is a glimpse at what you can expect from our child daycare centre campus in Chinderah. 

Extra Curricular Programs 

Extracurricular activities provide a fun and natural experience for the children. There is something for everyone, ensuring your children receive valuable time playing outside and staying active. 

We offer Bush and Beach Kinders, which focuses primarily on outdoor activities. This program makes nature the centre of all activities, encouraging children to play, explore and get creative. Therefore, no toys and no tools are part of these activities. Other extracurricular programs offered at our daycare centre include music, yoga, sports and dance. 

Child Portfolios

We use the system of creating child portfolios to record the children’s learning journey. This process makes it easier to plan the steps forward regarding their future education.

You, as their parent, can view these portfolios at any time, which include photographs, project work, learning stories and daily progress. We also practice daily journaling and reading to provide an accurate and rewarding path through the child’s learning experience. 

Preschool & Readiness Program

We provide the foundation of early childhood education, preparing all little ones for the next big step ‒ school. 

You can expect highly-skilled tertiary early childhood teachers to guide the way to ensure all kids receive consistently high-quality education and learning to prepare them for the transition into a formal schooling environment. 

Above are just a few of the value-rich offerings you can expect from our new child care campus at Chinderah, Kingscliff. If this sounds like something you would be interested in learning more about, please feel free to contact us with any questions.