Our Philosophy

We’re committed to making our early learning centre a place where children are encouraged to explore, play and express themselves.

Your child’s safety and well-being will always be our number one priority and we go to great lengths to ensure a secure, friendly and welcoming environment for you and your child/ren. Whether children attend every day or twice a week, you will have the confidence that they are safe and comfortable in our education and care.

We welcome every child with warmth and fun, and we always treat each child with respect, dignity and care. At Beach Kids, your child will find many opportunities to let their personalities shine and their individuality to flourish.

We want you to feel comfortable and secure knowing that your child is in the very best possible care when they are with us. We encourage you to visit Beach Kids, meet our amazing group of early childhood educators and see for yourself how we help children learn and grow.

We see members of each family as a child’s most influential and first teachers and are proud to partner with you on your child’s learning journey.

Beach Kids Early Years Learning Framework

Beach Kids Early Years Learning Framework has been developed for the children in our education and care aged from 6 weeks to formal schooling. It is underpinned by the Early Years Learning Framework and a practise of emergent curriculum.


The goal of the Early Years Learning Framework (2009) is to “extend and enrich children’s learning from birth to the transition to school.

Beach Kids program enhances community engagement through inviting members of the community into the centre to aid and participate in the programming for developing children’s learning. When children are exposed to a wider community group and see the involvement they have in the centre, their learning is enhanced through what those members of the community can offer.

Children’s lives are characterised by being, belonging and becoming. Beach Kids supports this view of the child being, by providing an environment where children have time to be, to seek and to make meaning of the world. The environment includes internal spaces that are child-orientated, encourage exploration, contain resources that are open-ended to encourage discovery, exploration and imagination. Becoming describes the process of rapid change as young children grow. Beach Kids was created to allow children to take risks and extend their opportunities and increase their achievements as they grow older and become more independent and competent learners.

Learning Outcomes

The centre utilises Learning Stories to record information about children’s learning journeys whilst in our education and care. Learning journeys are steered at children achieving learning outcomes as outlined in the Early Years Learning Framework.
1. Children have a strong sense of identity
2. Children are connected with and contribute to their world
3. Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
4. Children are confident and involved learners
5. Children are effective communicators

Each child’s journey is recorded individually, and parents receive a detailed developmental report.

Prepare your child for a lifetime of learning.

Start your child today

Our philosophy is founded on the knowledge that successful early childhood development comes from engagement in social, emotional, cognitive, physical and aesthetic experiences. It is this holistic approach that allows children to develop to their full potential.