In addition to lunch, morning and afternoon tea being lovingly prepared for children on-site by our campus chef. Our chef holds a Food Handling Safety certification with years of experience in food service. Menus are available for families and will be displayed in campus. Our kitchen is licensed and registered with Council. It is important to note that children in early education and care may receive up to 70% of their daily food intake whilst in early learning and care.

It is therefore essential that we provide adequate nutrition. It is therefore our responsibility to support children and parents to develop a positive relationship with food and good attitudes and habits.

Our menu will include foods from all food groups. Drinking water will be offered and readily available. Milk will also be offered daily for the children that require it. Parents will be kept up to date on their child’s eating habits.

Children will be involved in programs that will include food awareness activities that will educate children on healthy eating and lifestyle. Children will be involved with hands on experience with food preparation.

Allergies, medical conditions, religious beliefs, special diets and cultural requirements will be observed at all times. If your child has special needs, please advise the Campus Manager. We ensure that children’s dietary requirements are met at all times. Beach Kids offers assistance to families and ensure information is accessible to them regarding the nutritional needs of children.

Educators will assist children in receiving a safe and nutritious diet by:

  • 1
    Advising parents when their child is not eating well or does not have enough food.
  • 2
    Ensuring children wash their hands before and after handling food and eating meals.
  • 3
    Encourage children to attempt foods that are presented to them through our menu.
  • 4
    Sitting with the children at meal times.
  • 1
    Advising parents when their child is not eating well
  • 2
    Education with children on the benefits of washing their hands correctly, especially before and after handling food and eating meals.
  • 3
    Encourage children to attempt all foods that their friends are enjoying and presented to them through our extensive menu.
  • 4
    Engaging with the children at mealtimes.
  • 5
    Food will never be used as a form of punishment by either its provision or denial.
  • 6
    Ensuring that Multicultural differences will be recognised,  respected and celebrated
  • 7
    Providing food awareness activities that will be chosen from a variety of cultures.
  • 8
    Celebrating special occasions with culturally appropriate foods.

Educators will educate children about food nutrition by:

  • 1
    Including “hands on” food experiences in the children’s program, including cooking, excursions, gardening, stories, play and music.
  • 2
    Food related activities will involve culturally appropriate and diverse foods.
  • 3
    Encourage children, where possible, to practice making food choices, for example serving themselves.
  • 4
    Promote healthy food and eating choices as a positive, enjoyable part of life
  • 5
    Ensure appropriate size meal equipment, for example, plates, bowls, cutlery and furniture are shaped to encourage children’s physical skill development and independence.

Nutrition plays an integral role in your child’s physical and mental wellbeing. At Beach Kids, we provide healthy and wholesome meals onsite for morning and afternoon tea, as well as lunchtime.

Your child may be receiving the majority of their daily food intake while at Beach Kids, and that is why it’s essential to us that we provide high quality and nutritious meals.

We focus on implementing healthy eating habits and encouraging children to take part in the food preparation process. We also implement programs that educate our learners about healthy eating and lifestyle habits.

Our Kitchen

We are very proud of our campus chef who has valuable experience in the kitchen and holds a Food Handling Safety certification. Our onsite kitchen is also completely licensed and registered with Council.

Our chef, in consultation with Nutrition Australia, creates seasonal menus, which are displayed for both parents and learners. Our menus includes a variety of food, from all food groups, and each meal is designed to be balanced and full of nutrients!

Drinking water is highly encouraged, and milk is also available for those children that require it.

Special Diets

Allergies, religious beliefs, special diets, cultural food choices and medical conditions are taken seriously. Please ensure that our Campus  Manager is aware of any special dietary needs that your child may have to ensure that these needs are incorporated into your child’s daily meals.

Our team of educators are very passionate about healthy eating and are happy to offer parents advice when it comes to children’s nutritional needs, as well as keeping parents informed of their child’s eating habits.

We Aim to Provide Our Learners with a Wholesome Diet By:

  • Giving parents advice about their child’s eating habits.
  • Ensuring strict hygiene standards are met.
  • Encouraging children to try new foods that are within their dietary specifications.
  • Making mealtimes a pleasant and enjoyable experience.
  • Respecting all cultural differences regarding food.
  • Providing high quality, fresh and nutritious food.

Our Food Education Program Includes:

  • Practical and immersive activities such as gardening, cooking and excursions to broaden our learners’ knowledge about food preparation and diversity.
  • Encouraging and providing children with the opportunity for children to make their own healthy food choices.
  • Promoting healthy eating and lifestyle habits.
  • Educating and supporting children on how to use plates, bowls, cutlery etc. correctly to enhance their physical skills.
  • Celebrating different cultures through food.

Want to know more about Beach Kids’ nutritional program? We would be happy to answer any of your questions.