National Quality Framework

The National Quality Framework is a Government initiative designed to provide a Nationally consistent approach to Assessment and Rating, Regulation and Quality Improvement for early childhood education and care services across Australia.

Benefits for children and families

Evidence based research shows quality early education and care in the early years leads to better health, education and employment outcomes later in life. The early years are critical for establishing resilience, self-esteem, healthy growth, capacity and the love of learning. Quality early education and care positively shapes each child’s future and provides the foundation for development and learning.

The major benefits for parents and children include:

The seven quality areas (QA) are:

QA1 - Educational programs and practice

QA2 - Children’s health and safety

QA3 - The physical environment

QA4 - Staff arrangements

QA5 - Relationships with children

QA6 - Collaborative partnerships with families and communities

QA7 - Leadership and service management.

Beach Kids aim to exceed the national quality standard across all areas of our service and has a quality improvement plan in place to indicate what is happening in our campus to achieve this. Areas included are educational programs and practice, children’s health and safety, physical environment, staffing arrangements, relationships with children and collaborative partnerships with families and communities.

For more information in regards to the National Quality Framework, please speak to the Centre Manager or you can also find more information on the website: