Extra Curricular Programs


At Beach Kids, our philosophy is to raise the standard of what parents, educators and children expect from an early childhood learning (childcare) service.

Beach Kids’ extracurricular activities allow each child to experience a world of creative engagement through movement, play and physical activities.

Our programs are a crucial focus at Beach Kids and activities are conducted by specialist teachers and professionals.

Beach Kids Extra Curricular Activities

The extracurricular activities that we offer at Beach Kids are carefully chosen to add value to our learners’ life skills and overall wellbeing.

Our extracurricular activities include:

Bush And Beach Kinder

Bush and Beach Kinder provides a beneficial, natural learning experience for children attending Beach Kids Early Learning & Preschool.

Bush/beach/forest kinder is a form of Preschool education program for children conducted almost exclusively outdoors.  Children are encouraged to take the lead in learning through play, exploring their natural environment, regardless of the weather.

Bush Kinder forms a special part of Beach Kids’ overall learning experience. An educational program to suit the specific needs of the children in our community.  Recognising the special place the bush has in Australian folklore and the significance of the land in Aboriginal culture.  Drawing upon and extending on the existing philosophy that Beach Kids offers a unique educational program.

Toys, tools, or art supplies are not required for this activity. The children and Early Childhood Educators/Teachers all benefit from using only what nature provides. “Outdoor learning spaces with rocks, trees, plants, mud and water invite open ended interactions, spontaneity, risk taking and a connection with nature.”


Yoga for children is a modern program that has been specially created to help children increase strength, flexibility, coordination and concentration.

Our specialised yoga instructor focuses on developing the physical, social and mental wellbeing of our learners. 


We offer a range of different popular sports to keep our learners engaged, active and mobile. Our professional facilitators teach our learners the very basics and have a focus on fun and participation.

We often play team sports and explain the importance of working together as a team. Safety, when it comes to sports, is always a top priority.


The benefits of dancing for children are truly remarkable. Dancing allows for self-expression, creativity and joy, all while building strength, flexibility and coordination.

Our dance instructor takes our learners on a dance journey that is built around enjoyment, understanding rhythm and learning the technical basics of dance.


Music is a skill that can stay with a person for a lifetime, especially if musical concepts are grasped in early childhood. Music inspires creativity, grows self-confidence and allows for self-expression, all while increasing skills like patience and discipline.

We teach our learners an array of percussion instruments as well as basic musical techniques and concepts.

NQS, QA 3 Physical Environment

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