Developing A Child Through The Arts

If you have ever witnessed your child covered in paint or collapsing in fits of laughter after a dance performance, you will know instinctively how important the arts are to them. We may believe that art activities are important for our children’s development, but more factual and studied research has been conducted to support this. Such activities are important not only for child care in Bogangar, Chinderah, or Cabarita Beach, but throughout the country as well.

What Studies Show

Besides developing the right side of the brain, art cultivates important skills that benefit children. The value of art for a child transcends the statistics measured by studies; it can act as a powerful outlet for uninhibited self-expression and discovery. In the same way that language matters, art matters too! As humans, it forms a fundamental part of who we are, and in early childhood years, it is one of the most significant foundations of development and academic growth. A treasure trove of valuable life skills is acquired through artistic fun and games.

Life Skills Through Art Activities

  • Communication Skills:
    When your child draws the first line on the page, strikes a tambourine, or taps their foot to start a dance, they communicate visually with themself and externally with others through movement. They may draw a bright and happy picture of an activity they enjoyed the day before. Sometimes, the drawing can be more aggressive or sombre, releasing an emotionally draining experience. The power of art lies in its ability to express feelings that may not otherwise be expressed verbally.
  • Problem-solving Skills:
    Using art, children can assess problems for themselves while also learning that there are different answers to problems. A child’s brain becomes involved in the discovery of “how” and “why” rather than following specific instructions or rules. As they experiment with art materials or learn a dance sequence, children solve challenges and come up with new ways to handle unexpected outcomes.
  • Collaboration Skills:
    Children can take control of their efforts and learn more about themselves through the arts. When your child dances, plays music or shares art supplies with  their friends, they engage in social interaction, practise sharing, take turns and appreciate the efforts and contributions of their teammates. Your child can express their uniqueness while learning social and emotional skills. This results in feelings of accomplishment, which result in a positive self-concept.
  • Visually Learning:
    Visual-spatial skills can be developed through drawing, reading scripts and looking at music sheets.
  • Fine Motor Skills:
    In many ways, art is a hands-on activity. Creating requires many physical motions, such as holding a paintbrush, twirling a pirouette or holding an instrument, which are all examples of a child developing motor skills. Dance and music also teach balance and coordination.
  • Self-Expression & Creativity:
    Children are taught through artistic processes to tap into their innovative side and to think creatively and outside the box. Creativity requires freethinking, experimentation and analysis. Children will learn for themselves that mistakes don’t always spell doom and gloom and that solutions are always available.

Get Started Now!

Remember that art is a process of creating and the focus is not on talent but on exploration, discovery and experimentation. Attending local art and theatre events and visiting museums with your child are excellent ways to develop an early appreciation of art. Importantly, ensure your child’s early childhood development is nurtured in a loving and innovative environment by enrolling  in a supportive preschool or school readiness centre where creative engagement is part of the curriculum.

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