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Teaching Children How to Behave

Tabula rasa defines the idea of having no preconceived ideas or understanding. At birth, children are said to be blank slates, meaning they are without the advantage of interpreting the world or how they are expected to interact in it. In order to teach children, adults must guide them in a way that develops their […]

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Making Separation Easier

When children separate from their parents it can be a tearful and challenging time for all involved. From the child’s perspective, it is little surprise that they prefer the parent to stick around. They are, after all, the people who children rely on and enjoy the company of most. When children tear up it is […]

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Supporting Children Through Separation

When parents separate it can be difficult for everyone involved. The nature of separation often means that parents do not leave their relationship amicably without emotions making an already testing situation more difficult. With children, separation is not as simple as resolving the loss of hopes and dreams regarding the  fallen relationship. Instead, it becomes […]

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Teaching Boredom

Boredom is something that we inevitably face over and over in life.  When boredom strikes it is often thought we need to distract children from its clutches, however, boredom plays a significant role in supporting the development of specific life skills.  While boredom seems less like something parents would wish to expose children to and […]

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How A Parent Creates Their Child’s Solid Learning Foundation

Your perfect baby is growing faster than you can blink and, here it is, time to enrol them in childcare/preschool. Or had you not thought seriously about it? Quality early learning (childcare/Preschool) has been proven, via multiple studies, to establish and deepen your child’s development base via physical and mental stimulation, social-emotional skills advancement and […]

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One child, two wildly different approaches to parenting: How to come together when your parenting styles are miles apart

Source: ParentTV on 24 Aug 2020 Do you ever think parenting would be so much easier if you could just get your co-parent to follow your lead, or maybe even just do exactly what you tell them to? And also agree with you and back you up and not question you? It sounds positively idyllic! […]

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