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Proudly Presenting a New Early Learning (Childcare) Centre Campus At Chinderah

Early learning is crucial to a child’s developmental skills. Learning through play, socialising with other children, and experienced, passionate early childhood educators and teachers are all essential to cognitive stimulation and ongoing development. Beach Kids Early Learning & Preschool, have successfully provided a safe, loving environment for your child to develop the physical, emotional, social […]

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First day at beach kids early learning

First day at Beach Kids Early Learning & Preschool

Congratulations, you have done your research and found an early learning service that meets the individual needs of your child and your family. With the first day around the corner, it is natural that you may be feeling uncertain and perhaps not quite sure what to expect. This is totally normal. After all, you are […]

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Child Playing

Developing Concentration Skills

It is not hard to understand why concentration skills play an important role in an individual’s life. Without a good attention span, undertaking daily tasks, both as children and as adults, becomes increasingly difficult. For this reason, credence is being paid to research which suggests that the average attention span is reducing at an alarming […]

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Outside beach play

Rediscovering the Great Outdoors

In recent years, the rise in mental health incidents has become a cause for alarm. Worldwide trends are emerging where more people are being treated and diagnosed with mental health disorders than ever before. While debates rage around what influences technology, social media, parenting styles and economic status (to name a few on a very […]

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