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Rediscovering the Great Outdoors

In recent years, the rise in mental health incidents has become a cause for alarm. Worldwide trends are emerging where more people are being treated and diagnosed with mental health disorders than ever before. While debates rage around what influences technology, social media, parenting styles and economic status (to name a few on a very […]

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One child, two wildly different approaches to parenting: How to come together when your parenting styles are miles apart

Source: ParentTV on 24 Aug 2020 Do you ever think parenting would be so much easier if you could just get your co-parent to follow your lead, or maybe even just do exactly what you tell them to? And also agree with you and back you up and not question you? It sounds positively idyllic! […]

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Is wanting our kids to be happy all the time actually doing them damage? – ParentTV

Source: ParentTV on 20 Jul 2020 If you ask a parent what they want for their children, they will probably say this: Health and happiness. No arguments here for the first one, but is the second a good idea? Why did securing happiness for our kids become a goal that we reached for above just […]

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