Beach Kids Early Learning & Preschool – Extending Our Journey!

Beach Kids Early Learning & Preschool was born at Bogangar/Cabarita Beach in early 2019. At that time, we had no idea what the next few years had in store for us all. We fell in love with our early learning campus and set about delivering a premium early learning environment for our children/students. In our opinion it all starts with entwining yourself into the fabric of the local community. After nearly twenty years in the Early Childhood Education and Care sector we went about creating the physical environment that was firstly safe and provided opportunities for early childhood educators/teachers and children to reach their full potential. Once we had that foundation we set about the most important aspect of care and learning and that is obviously our team of passionate educators. Finally, we worked on gaining the trust from our families to allow us the responsibility to care and support their children, to encourage and develop their love of learning for life.

At Beach Kids we believe parents and carers are children’s first teachers, so it is our responsibility to respect and extend on this. We are a family owned and operated, high quality early learning campus for children from six weeks to formal schooling with an integrated NSW Government approved Preschool program ensuring children have the foundation for formal schooling and more importantly life.

Our team of passionate early childhood educators and university qualified teachers facilitate extracurricular programs, nutrition programs, Preschool and school readiness programs all within the National Quality Framework, a Government initiative that set National Quality Standards, creating greater consistency for early childhood education and care.

It was one of our valued team members who brought the opportunity to extend our service to Chinderah. At first, we honestly were not interested, however after we investigated this opportunity further, we are so excited. The Tweed Heads community have asked us to extend our offering in the Northern NSW region and we have listened, that is why we are so excited to deliver our second campus at 11 Waugh Street Chinderah. Much planning has occurred in collaboration with another local family to deliver our vision. We had hoped to open earlier this year, however we are very excited to say that we are on track to open our doors early October.

It is a busy time preparing for the launch of our second campus however in addition to furiously preparing the facilities, we are keen to connect with other like-minded, passionate early childhood educators/teachers and families who are keen to extend their journey by joining the Beach Kids family. If you are interested, please connect with us;